Conor McGregor and Traditional Martial Arts

Conor McGregorPRECISION BEATS POWER AND TIMING BEATS SPEED! Conor has no doubt been in the MMA game for a while now and is reigning supreme in the UFC. But his stance, kicks and strikes take some lessons out of traditional martial arts. It’s interesting to see a champion with their hands at their chest and not their nose and cheeks. Also to see the constant forward pressure from McGregor as he stalks down his opponents and usually maintains the center of the ring. The champion uses timing and precision to create his speed and power not the other way around. It has been truly inspiring to watch this left-handed featherweight Champ dominate some very impressive opponents. But like anyone who posses another level of skill he makes his rounds look easy and effortless. I would chalk that up to no wasted movements and efficiency. It always nice to see a UFC champion embodying some of the principals of traditional martial arts that we work hard on in our training. Hope to see everyone soon in class! 🙂


Sifu Andrew Mills